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a.k.a. Zhao Yun
Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury Special) says...
Master Tan. I ask for the honor to bash your face in.
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Koihime Enbu

Win Quote vs Shuutai Youhei (CPU)
Master Shūtai, would you reevaluate us now?

Win Quote vs Sonken Chubo
Sun Wu has disappointed me...

Win Quote vs. Bachou Mouki
Oh? Are you all out of energy too?

Win Quote vs. Chohi Yokutoku
Lingling, you might be eating too much.

Win Quote vs. Gakushin Bunken
I don't know how to use the word discretion.

Win Quote vs. Kakoton Genjo
Loyalty alone won't help you win a fight.

Win Quote vs. Kan'u Uncho
Your seriousness is your flow.

Win Quote vs. Sonshoko
Your aptitude isn't so bad, though...

Win Quote vs. Sousou Motoku
Was I really fighting the general just now?

Koihime Enbu

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