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a.k.a. Zhang Fei
Akuma (Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact) says...
Your power fails to even graze my fist!
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Koihime Enbu

Win Quote
I'll keep it up!

Win Quote vs Bachou Mouki
I won't fall behind Cui!

Win Quote vs Chohi Yokutoku
You just mimic me without thought!

Win Quote vs Kakoen Myosai (CPU)
I did it! Lingling feels invincible right now!

Win Quote vs Shuutai Youhei (CPU)
I did it! Now, the supreme peach belongs to Lingling!

Win Quote vs Sonken Chubo (CPU)
I did it! Lingling took revenge for Àishā!

Win Quote vs. Gakushin Bunken
I'm impressed that you came unarmed!

Win Quote vs. Kakoen Myosai
I'm good at dodging arrows!

Win Quote vs. Kannei Koha
I can see through your poker face!

Win Quote vs. Kan'u Uncho
I won't let you act like a big sis!

Win Quote vs. Shuutai Youhei
Farewell, my friend!

Win Quote vs. Sonken Chubo
We have to have fun when we fight!

Win Quote vs. Sonshoko
I won't lose to a goody-goody!

Koihime Enbu

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