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Urban Legend in Limbo
Win Quote (translation patch)
Hello~. Right now, I've just beaten you.
Win Quote vs Mamizou Futatsuiwa (translation patch)
That ball... It's not an Occult Ball... It's an Alien Ball...!
Win Quote vs Marisa Kirisame (translation patch)
Your hat looks really heavy. What's inside it?
Win Quote (translation patch)
Hello~. Right now, I'm on top of your back.
Win Quote vs Mononobe no Futo (translation patch)
Yes, the long lost tenth plate is right behind you...
Win Quote vs Byakuren Hijiri (translation patch)
What a nice-looking vehicle! Hey, let me ride it!
Win Quote vs Nitori Kawashiro (translation patch)
Hey, shopkeep~. I want that monster of yours~.
Win Quote vs Reimu Hakurei (translation patch)
Hey, mine kinda seems like she's in a gap, too.
Win Quote vs Hata no Kokoro (translation patch)
Well, mine is pretty.
Win Quote vs Shinmyoumaru Sukuna (translation patch)
I wanna get in the bowl, too!
Win Quote vs Ichirin Kumoi (translation patch)
You're in good health. Maybe I should also live above ground.
Win Quote vs Kasen Ibaraki (translation patch)
So I get three wishes? No question, I want Past, Present and Future.
Win Quote vs Toyosatomimi no Miko (translation patch)
I'll take blue!
Win Quote vs Koishi Komeiji (translation patch)
Hello~ I'm right behind me.

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