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Air Throw
Don't futz around!
Tag In from Filia
Saved by the bell!
Air Throw
Lazy bird.
Tag In from Ms. Fortune
I'll take it from here.
Brass Knuckles
Gimme a hit!
Tag In from Painwheel
You could use a break.
Character Select
Back on the beat!
Tag In from Parasoul
You can count on me!
Tag In from Peacock
Hang back, little bird!
Tag Out
All yours.
Tag Out
I gotta blow.
Tag Out with Double
Defeat vs. Double
Get your own hits!
Tag Out with Double
Defeat vs. Parasoul
You grew up strong...
Tag Out with Filia
You on, girl!
Defeat vs. Peacock
You got... lucky.
Tag Out with Peacock
Let's go, partner!
Defeat vs. Squigly
Still packs a punch.
Tag Out with Robo-Fortune
Defeat vs. Valentine
Sorry... Doc.
Tag Out with Squigly
Sing it, girl.
Hard Punch
Sax 'em up!
Tag Out with Valentine
Infinite break
Don't hurt!
Infinite break
Aw, no!
Jumping Light Punch
Jumping Medium Kick
Swing it!
Time Out
Retire to what?
Jumping Medium Kick
Tympany Drive
You're gonna get beat!
Match Start vs. Beowulf
This'll make for some crazy stories.
Match Start vs. Cerebella
Now that's just bassist!
Match Start vs. Double
I count myself a gunslinger, copycat.
Victory vs. Beowulf
Good game. Peace out.
Match Start vs. Eliza
Guess I gotta play over you.
Victory vs. Cerebella
You can't strong-arm this armstrong!
Victory vs. Cerebella
Clean up your act!
Match Start vs. Ms. Fortune
Those are some choice pieces of calico.
Match Start vs. Parasoul
We should be on the same side.
Match Start vs. Peacock
I KNOW you ain't misbehaving!
Match Start vs. Squigly
Dead or alive, you're coming with me.
Victory vs. Ms. Fortune
Better augmented than segmented.
Match Start vs. Squigly
Ain't you the snake's hips!
Match Start vs. Squigly
This sure takes me back.
Match Start vs. Valentine
Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.
Take five.
Victory vs. Peacock
Too much TV is bad for ya... kid!
Hit the tracks.
Victory vs. Squigly
Rest easy, Sienna.
Beat it!
Tag In
Roll out!
Whiffed Throw
Whiffed Throw

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