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Waku Waku 7

Waku Waku 7
(CPU) Before Battle with Arina
Excuse me, but there isn't a school here, so...
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Excuse me, but I asked you to fight... Will you please?
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
...Well, sorry if I win.
Before Versus Battle (as defender)
There's somebody else.
(CPU) Before Battle with Politank-Z
The police?! The Doctor hasn't done anything wrong!
(CPU) Before Battle with Tesse
Excuse me, but are you illegally copied?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Dandy-J
Ah...! I have to clean up again.
Win Quote vs. CPU Bonus-Kun
Mister..., don't be so disappointed...
Before Battle with Fernandez
Shall I put these Balls into this?
Win Quote vs. CPU Tesse
You shouldn't make any copies...
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
...Hello! Nice to see you.

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