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Waku Waku 7
Waku Waku 7
(CPU) Before Battle with Arina
ARINA - are you making fun of me again?
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Hey, you! Mr. RAI has arrived! Don't run away.
(CPU) Before Battle with Dandy-J
Hey, mister, don't disturb my training!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
You must accept my challenge!
(CPU) Before Battle with Mauru
Look out! A girl is in danger! I'm coming now!
Before Versus Battle (as defender)
Who!? OK, I'll fight against you!
(CPU) Before Battle with Politank-Z
Who? The Chief?! You look goofy, as usual!
(CPU) Before Battle with Rai
I'm the Shadow RAI! Fight with me!
(CPU) Before Battle with Tesse
No maid is wanted here! Bye-bye!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Arina
Don't treat me like a child any more!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Dandy-J
I have my own dream! You can't stop me now!
Win Quote vs. CPU Arina
Be quiet! Stop talking in the street!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Mauru
You! Leave the girl here and go home! Now!
Win Quote vs. CPU Bonus-Kun
A sandbag would be more responsive than you!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Politank-Z
The chief! Looking goofy, as usual!
Win Quote vs. CPU Dandy-J
Sorry, mister! You see, I'm strong!
Win Quote vs. CPU Politank-Z
I can find adventure wherever I go!
Before Battle with Fernandez
Year! Now I've got all seven WakuWaku Balls!
Win Quote vs. CPU Slash
You looks much more suspicious than I!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Hi! Nice to see you!
Win Quote vs. CPU Tesse
I can go anywhere I want!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Let's fight a hot battle!

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