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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Round Victory vs Platinum the Trinity
Satisfied yet?
Defeat vs. Relius Clover
You perverted masked freak!
Round Victory vs Platinum the Trinity
Would you mind leaving me in peace?
Match Start vs Amane Nishiki/Bullet
Ugh, what a drag. Let's get this over with.
Round Victory vs Rachel Alucard
You picking a fight with me?!
Match Start vs Arakune
Hmph. You are, an idiot.
Round Victory vs Rachel Alucard
Shut up, you stuffed toys!
Match Start vs Azrael
Bring it on, you monster!
Round Victory vs ν-13
I'm calling it quits.
Match Start vs Bang Shishigami
God, shut up!
Match Start vs Carl Clover
Not in a good mood right now.
Match Start vs Celica A. Mercury
Celica? Damn, this'll be tough.
Match Start vs Haku-Men
You masked freak...
Victory vs Bang Shishigami
Ah, my ears! Seriously, man!
Match Start vs Hazama
I got nothing to say to you.
Victory vs Carl Clover
I hate to say it, but I told you so.
Match Start vs Iron Tager
God damnit, Red Devil.
Victory vs Celica A. Mercury
Oh, shit. Are you ok?!
Match Start vs Izayoi
You've... awakened?
Victory vs Haku-Men
Just leave me alone, will ya?
Match Start vs Jin Kisaragi
You again, Jin?
Victory vs Hazama
It's over, Terumi!
Match Start vs Kagura Mutsuki
I'll make you regret this.
Victory vs Iron Tager
Ugh, you... damn hunk of metal.
Match Start vs Kokonoe
Can you even fight?
Match Start vs Litchi Faye-Ling
You idiot...
Victory vs Jin Kisaragi
You stay on the ground!
Match Start vs Makoto Nanaya
Victory vs Jin Kisaragi
Jin, done so soon?
Match Start vs Noel Vermillion
Let's get this over with, Noel.
Victory vs Kagura Mutsuki
Eh, you gotta work on that.
Match Start vs Platinum the Trinity
Who you calling a pedo?!
Match Start vs Rachel Alucard
I'm gonna make you cry, I swear to God!
Victory vs Litchi Faye-Ling
Just... back off.
Match Start vs Relius Clover
I WILL kill you!
Victory vs Makoto Nanaya
Huge... puppies...
Match Start vs Tsubaki Yayoi
Tch, the Izayoi huh?
Victory vs Platinum the Trinity
You kids seriously wanna die?
Match Start vs Valkenhayn R Hellsing
Don't blame me if you get hurt, gramps.
Victory vs Rachel Alucard
And I was even holding back for ya!
Match Start vs λ-11
Lambda?! What are you doing here?
Victory vs Taokaka
Hell yeah.
Match Start vs μ-12 (Cont.)
Not looking!
Victory vs Tsubaki Yayoi
You really get on my nerves.
Match Start vs ν-13
Nu, it's you...
Victory vs Valkenhayn R Hellsing
I think it's time for retirement.
Round Victory vs Celica A. Mercury
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Round Victory vs Celica A. Mercury
Keep her safe, Minerva!
Victory vs μ-12
What, that was it?
Round Victory vs Hazama
I'm not done with you yet. Get up!
Victory vs ν-13
...Time to go to sleep.
Round Victory vs Iron Tager
Sector Seven, you make me laugh.
Round Victory vs Iron Tager
What's the matter, Red Devil?
Round Victory vs Jin Kisaragi
It's too early to go to sleep!
Round Victory vs Noel Vermillion
You can't beat me!
Round Victory vs Noel Vermillion
Just... don't stand up.

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