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Waku Waku 7
Waku Waku 7
(CPU) Before Battle with Arina
Play with MAURU!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
MAURU is strooong!
(CPU) Before Battle with Dandy-J
Don't catch MAURU, please!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Ug, uggru..?!
Before Versus Battle (as defender)
Watch out, MAURU! Another match!
(CPU) Before Battle with Politank-Z
Wow! Great robot! Don't lose, MAURU!
(CPU) Before Battle with Rai
Play with MAURU!
Win Quote
(CPU) Before Battle with Slash
MAURU... a woodcutter is here!
(CPU) Before Battle with Tesse
Oh, are you lost, too? What? A ball?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Dandy-J
That was a close call, MAURU!
Win Quote vs. CPU Arina
No! Don't be hard on MAURU!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Mauru
See you, copycat!
Win Quote vs. CPU Bonus-Kun
A tough fighter?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Rai
Are you okay?
Win Quote vs. CPU Mauru
See you, dark shadows!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Slash
I don't think he likes you, MAURU.
Win Quote vs. CPU Politank-Z
MAURU is my friend! Not a fierce animal!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Tesse
Geeee! Show me some more tricks! No?!
Win Quote vs. CPU Rai
No! Don't be hard on MAURU!
Before Battle with Fernandez
Tell me what to do now, MAURU?
Win Quote vs. CPU Slash
MAURU... Now I'm tired and sleepy...
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
MAURU is serious! Run quick!
Win Quote vs. CPU Tesse
You can't sell MAURU off to a circus!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Let's play with MAURU!

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