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Waku Waku 7
Waku Waku 7
(CPU) Before Battle with Arina
Here you are! You copy cat!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
How many seconds can you bear? Just kidding!
(CPU) Before Battle with Dandy-J
Don't get near me! You're so grotty!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Oh, no...! I'll teach you a lesson!
(CPU) Before Battle with Mauru
Look! A girl is in danger! I'm coming now!
Before Versus Battle (as defender)
You'd better not underestimate me!
(CPU) Before Battle with Rai
Are you being nosey again, RAI?
(CPU) Before Battle with Tesse
Wow! Floating in the air! Are you a ghost?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Arina
Leave here now, useless copy cat!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Dandy-J
Hey! Get up now, or you'll catch a cold!
Win Quote vs. CPU Arina
You are only a copy! I am the original!
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Slash
You're cool, but I don't like crazy guys.
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Tesse
You're not a ghost but a robot? Sorry!
Before Battle with Fernandez
Lovely, all the WakuWaku Balls are mine ♥
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Hello, I'm ARINA! Be kind to me ♥
Win Quote vs. CPU Tesse
Sorry, but I don't have school today!
Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Hi! Let's have some fun!

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