Geese Howard (SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom) says...
Now beat it! I've no business with wimps!
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Street Fighter 4

Personal Action 1
Heh... this is kind of fun!

Personal Action 10
Words are not necessary.

Personal Action 3
Better be careful.

Personal Action 4
Show me what you can do!

Personal Action 5
I won't hold back!

Personal Action 6
Not feeling well today?

Personal Action 7
Don't let your guard down!

Personal Action 8
So, let's fight!

Win Quote 11 (Versus Mode)
I'm sorry...

Win Quote vs. Guile (Versus Mode)
Those moves… Why are you able to use them?

Win Quote vs. Seth (Versus Mode)
Stand up. Tell me everything about the organisation.

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