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Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Win Quote (versus, remaining life: high)
Blame your impotence. Death is your punishment.

Win Quote (versus, remaining life: low)
I absolutely won't lose. It's my raison d'etre!

Win Quote (versus, remaining life: moderate)
Struggle! Those who can't win have one option: death.

Win Quote vs. CPU Freeman
Even if you are crazy, I won't back down.

Win Quote vs. CPU Kim Dong Hwan
You pathetic fool. Now will you shut up!

Win Quote vs. CPU Kim Jae Hoon
'Justice' is a word used only by the weak.

Win Quote vs. CPU Terry
The legend end today...

Win Quote vs. Grant (player controlled)
Are you ready to pay for your silly charade?

Win Quote vs. Kain (player controlled)
What's wrong, my friend? You've lost your edge.

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