Goku / Son Gokū, 孫悟空, Gokou Variations

Akira Toriyama

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DragonBall FighterZ
Character Select
I'm Goku, Son Goku!
Reverse Kamehameha
Here goes!
Character Select
Woah, I'm all small now!
Super Kamehameha
Get ready... for this!
Dragon Flash Fist
How's this?
Super Ultra Spirit Bomb
Thank you, people of the universe!
Dragon Flash Fist
Eat this!
Match Start vs. Android 17 (DB Super)
You're different from how I remember you, 17...
Victory vs. Piccolo
Sorry, Piccolo! Looks like I win!
Match Start vs. Piccolo
It's on, Piccolo!
Match Start vs. Trunks
I'm not gonna go easy on you, Trunks!

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