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Galaxy Fight
Galaxy Fight
(CPU) Before Battle with Alvan
Hey kid, wanna play with me?
(CPU) Before Battle with Gunter
I got somethin' fer you ya big lizard.
(CPU) Before Battle with Juri
You lookin' for a partner to tango with?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Juri
What about me? Pretty impressive, eh?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Musafar
Want me to call a wrecker, 'ya pile 'a junk!
(CPU) Before Battle with Roomi
What'cha got to lose, besides yer life, eh?
(CPU) Win Quote vs. Roomi
No medicine can cure 'ya, stupid!
Before Battle (default/hold B)
Come on, Don't be vain, and up here now!
(CPU) Defeated by Gunter
Whoa, you too big! back off, man!
Before Battle (hold A)
How 'bout a little scrap with me, eh?
(CPU) Defeated by Kazuma
Shoot! I can't believe you man!
Win Quote (default/hold B)
Hey, I'm bored. Anybody else?
(CPU) Defeated by Musafar
Shoot! Ya pile 'a scrap metal!
Win Quote (hold A)
Phew!...I was about to lose!

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