Hugo (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) says...
You enjoyed that, didn't you? Let's do it again!
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Battle Arena Toshinden
Win Quote vs. Duke (Game Boy)
Can this one take part in this battle?

Win Quote vs. Eiji (Game Boy)
He is weak. I expected more.

Win Quote vs. Ellis (Game Boy)
You lost. Go home now!

Win Quote vs. Fo (Game Boy)
Did it end already?

Win Quote vs. Gaia (Game Boy)
You can't use that armor at your command.

Win Quote vs. Gaia II (Game Boy)
When we fight, the highest weapon is the brains.

Win Quote vs. Kayin (Game Boy)
Bounty hunter? Why do you hesitate? Beat me now!

Win Quote vs. Mondo (Game Boy)
You shouldn't have come here!

Win Quote vs. Rungo (Game Boy)
You are not quite as good as you look.

Win Quote vs. Sho (Game Boy)
This is what my ability is!

Win Quote vs. Sofia (Game Boy)
I'll beat anyone who gets in my way.

Win Quote vs. Uranus (Game Boy)
What's wrong, Uranus? Why aren't you serious?

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