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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Doronjo: Yes! At last! Now with Yatterman out of the way, we are the champions of the Tatsunoko-Capcom World! Nicely done, Boyacky! I can always count on you! And you were a very good boy as well, Tonzura!
Tonzura: No way I was gonna lose while representing the Tatsunoko team!
Boyacky: And once again all the young ladies out there know how cool the Dorombo Gang is!
Is that your only motivation?
Tonzura: Hungh?
Boyacky: Who said that? Did you?
Doronjo: No... I didn't say anything.
Princess Devilotte: Wherever there is good in this world, Princess Devilotte will see it destroyed!
Xavier: Along with her right-hand men, Xavier and Dave!
Dave: ... (Any evildoers who feel they've been left out of the world domination game, come and join us!)
Doronjo: Wow... Are those rip-offs supposed to be us?
Boyacky: One of them's even impersonating my voice!
Tonzura: You can't come here trying to be better versions of us and expect to get away with it!
Princess Devilotte: I've waited a long time for this chance! Xavier! Take care of these two knockoffs and that harpy pointing at me!
Doronjo: Who you calling a harpy, little girl!? If you want in on the Dorombo Gang, then you'll have to pay! Boyacky, collect our licensing fees!
Boyacky & Xavier: As you wish, my lady!
Princess Devilotte: We are the true triumvirate of evil! No more will good triumph at the end of every episode! I will rule this world! I will be a queen!
Doronjo: That's no way to talk to your superiors! You two! Get rid of these third-rate losers!
Boyacky & Tonzura: Gladly!
*Crash! Clang! Bang!*

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