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Signature Moves
Drill Butt
Dhalsim descends from the air head-first, in a straight line at a shallow angle.

Drill Kick
Dhalsim descends from the air feet-first at a 45 degree angle; although from ST onwards angle is selectable by kick strength.

Yoga Blast
A briefly sustained burst of fire up at an angle.

Yoga Fire
Dhalsim spits a small flaming projectile.

Yoga Flame
A briefly sustained burst of fire out in front.

Yoga Inferno
A big blast of fire from the mouth.

Yoga Smash / Yoga Noogie
Dhalsim repeatedly drives his fist into the top of his opponent's skull.

Yoga Strike
Dhalsim jumps up, and if he contacts Frankensteiners his opponent hard.

Yoga Teleport
Dhalsim vanishes and reappears in another location on screen.

Yoga Throw
Dhalsim exerts his flexibility a bit for this standard throw.

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