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Signature Moves
Bat Dive
Demitri jumps into the air and slams his opponent headfirst into the ground.

Demitri vanishes, then reappears diving down at his foe from mid-air.

Chaos Flare
Demitri fires a burst at his foe. In Darkstalkers and Night Warriors it's a simple fireball that burns and knocks down the opponent, and becomes a large demonic head when ES'd. From Vampire Savior onwards the projectile contains a bat that briefly bites and stuns the opponent (longer stun with ES).

Demon Blast / Demon Billion
In Night Warriors, Demitri launches a horde of bats to attack the opponent. In Vampire Savior and later games, Demitri transforms into bats and swarms forward. If Darkside Master is active, he'll launch the bats instead.

Demon Cradle
Demitri rises with arms folded. If done while dashing, it comes out at a 45 degree angle.

Demon Fly
Grabbing the opponent out of the air, Demitri slams them down as in Bat Dive.

Hell's Ride
Demitri stomps with one boot.

Midnight Bliss
If Demitri contacts his foe, he transforms them into something more "appealing" before draining their blood and setting them ablaze.

Midnight Pleasure / Midnight Pressure
If Demitri contacts his foe, he bites them repeatedly before kicking them away.

Negative Stolen
Demitri grabs his foe, spins up into the air and slams them to the floor.

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