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Marvel vs Capcom 3
Throw Moves
Send 'Em Packin' (close)/+
Deadpool jams both of his katana into the opponent's feet, then shoots them in the face. If done wit ...
Basic Moves
Functions as his universal launcher.
Mouth Off taunt
The speech bubble of Deadpool's taunt does minimal damage.
Special Moves
Katana-Rama! +
Deadpool turns his back towards the opponent and stands on one foot, drawing a katana and slashing t ...
Deadpool follows up his Katana-Rama! with a katana stab.
Quick Work +
Deadpool dashes along the ground and slashes the opponent with his katana.
Trigger Happy +(air)
Deadpool fires rapidly.
Ninja Gift
Deadpool leaps into the air and throws projectiles at a downward angle. Light Attack produces shurik ...
Teleport +
Deadpool poses and reappears elsewhere. Will malfunction upon overuse. Malfunctioning will deal a ti ...
Super Moves
Cuttin' Time +
Deadpool rushes the enemy and carves shapes into them and the screen.
Happy-Happy Trigger +
Deadpool fires rapidly for an extended period of time. Down at an angle from mid air.
[Level 3] 4th-Wall Crisis
Deadpool does a sexy pose and walks toward his opponent. If the opponent attacks Deadpool while he's ...

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