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Signature Moves
Chouhatsu Densetsu / Legendary Taunt, Super Taunt
A series of progressively amusing taunts.

Dan delivers one, two or three forward jump kicks depending on button pressed.

A short ranged projectile.

Haoh Gadoken
Dan performs a powerful version of the Gadoken, launching the powered version with two hands and falling over afterwards. The move is very similar to the one by Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting.

Hishou Burai Ken
Dan delivers a series of attacks with a fancy Koryuken finish.

Dan's rising uppercut. In some games, the koryuken will randomly/semi-randomly be "shiny" and have increased invincibility properties.

Repeated Koryukens

Shinkuu Gadoken
A big multihit Gadoken

Shisso Buraiken
A cinematic autocombo with a thumbs up finish.

Zenten Chouhatsu
Dan rolls forward, then stops and performs the Shagami Chouhatsu.

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