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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Gouki (Japan)
M. Bison (Street Fighter 5) says...
At the limits of despair, death is the only respite!
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Signature Moves
Ashura Senku / Ashura Warp
A short / long range teleport to either end of the screen.

Gou Hadouken
Akuma's trademark version of the original, knocks down up close.

Gou Shoryuken / 豪昇龍拳
Akuma's variant of the original. Hits three times.

Akuma leaps in the air and lands with a sweep.

Messatsu Gou Hado
Akuma's extra large multihit super fireball.

Messatsu Gou Shoryu
A juggling series of Gou Shoryu Kens.

Shakunetsu Hadoken
Multihit flaming fireball

Shun Goku Satsu / Raging Demon, Instant Hell Murder
Akuma approaches slowly and, on contact, brutally beats the opponent offscreen.

Tatsumaki Zankukyaku / 竜巻斬空脚
A airborne forward moving hurricane kick.

Zankuu Hadoken / 斬空波動拳
Akuma pitches a fireball down at an angle.

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