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Signature Moves
Bad Spray
A reversal after being knocked down, but not by "sweep" type moves (ie, any knockdown you could air recover from). Cody tosses sand towards the opponent, if hit they're knocked back and roll away.

Bad Stamp
Cody gets above the opponent and lets gravity do the rest.

Bad Stone
Cody throws some rocks at the opponent. You can hold Punch to delay the move.

Criminal Upper
Multi-hitting whirlwind uppercut.

Fake Throw / Fake Stone
Fake Bad Stone.

Get Knife
Cody goes for the knife. All his punches become more powerful and do tick damage.

Knife Throw
Throws the knife.

Last Dread Dust
Cody starts by kicking some dust at his opponent, then hits them a few times with a wrench and swings a lead pipe at them, sending them flying through the air as if he were hitting a home run.

Prisoner Throw
Cody wraps his chain around the opponent and throws them.

Ruffian Kick
Advancing kick, low medium or high depending on kick strength.

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