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Signature Moves
Death Lake Drive
Clark simply snatches his opponent out of the air and tosses them unceremoniously to the ground.

Flashing Elbow
An elbow drop followup to most of Clark's grappling techniques.

Command throw with an extremely long whiff animation, owing to the elaborate nature of the frankensteiner. If not followed up with Flash Elbow, Clark will spread his arms and exclaim "HEY."

Nage-panashi German / 投げっぱなしジャーマン
A partial german suplex in which the opponent is released and thrown backwards. Clark lies on the ground leisurely for a moment, afterwards.

Napalm Stretch
Clark leaps up at a high angle in a cool pose. He locks up with the opponent and spins to the ground, slamming them. This move is in reference to Kinnikuman Soldier's technique of the same name.

Rolling Cradler
Clark dashes forward with a grab attempt, then rolls backwards across the ground with his opponent in tow. Relegated to a Mount Tackle followup after the invention of that move.

Running Three
Clark poses with his arms in a V-shape, shouts "RUNNING THREEAGHH" and dashes forward. He lifts his opponent on his shoulders and performs a running powerbomb. In the SDM version, they are subjected to a series of three bombs.

Somewhat exaggerated low kick.

Super Argentine Backbreaker
Clark tosses the opponent into the air to land on his waiting shoulders. Starting in 1996, could be followed up with an elbow drop.

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker
Three successive Super Argentine Backbreakers are performed with different finishers over the years. 94-95: After the third drop, Clark ends with a shoulder buster. 96-98: Normally ends with a Death Valley Bomb. SDM version ends with "Clark Spark," Clark's take on Kinnikuman's Muscle Spark finisher.

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