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Signature Moves
Cracker stick
Cyclone Fantasy
Kurara throws a little doll that looks like her at the ground, the doll spins around, launching a pillar of flame that hits the opponent.
Dream Mind Boomerang
Kurara throws her magic wand at the opponent
Dream Turn Attack
Kurara spins around in a whirlwind
Miracle Attack
Kurara transforms her wand into a giant hammer to hit her opponent. The impact can also shake the ground to knock the opponent into the air.
Miracle Death Kiss
Kurara blows a kiss at the opponent. In Matrimelee and Power Instinct Legends, if the kiss hits the opponent, it freezes them in place for a few seconds, but in Power Instinct 2, and Bonnou no Kaihou it is used to transform Kurara into 'Super Kurara' if it successfully connects.
Oyome San Ni Nare Da / I'll be a bride
Kurara sends out a small rabbit doll, and the doll grows and gobbles up the enemy, chewing on them for a while before spitting them out. A button must be pressed when the bunny reaches the opponent or else it will pass by harmlessly.
Stardust Revolution
Kurara points her wand forward and casts a spell that transforms the opponent into a pig or a duck for a short time.

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