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Signature Moves
Heel Stomp / Head Stomp, Yosokyaku, 鷹爪脚
Chun Li stomps with extended leg and rebounds, capable of doing any air attack afterwards (including more stomps).

Hyakuretsu Kyaku / Lightning Kick, 百裂脚
A rapid series of blurred kicks.

Kikoken / Kikouken, 気功拳
A smallish fireball with startup lag.

Koshu-to / 虎襲倒
A one-arm drag to the ground.

Kouhou Kaiten Kyaku / 後方回転脚
Chun kicks off the opponent into a backflip.

Lone Star Drop / 龍星落
Chun's standard arm drag throw done in mid-air.

Senretsukyaku / 千裂脚
An advancing kick combo.

Spinning Bird Kick
Legs extended and hovering upside-down, Chun Li whirls at her opponent.

Tenshokyaku / 天昇脚
A quick rising spin kick.

Triangle Jump

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