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Super DragonBall Z
String Move
Combination B2
String ends with an explosive double palm thrust
Combination B1
Combination A
Chi-Chi performs two punches followed by a rising knee
Special Moves
Banana Fan +
Chi-Chi creates a tornado that homes in on an opponent.
Power Slugger +
Chi-Chi hurls a large yellow blade of ki. If it misses, it will return to Chi-Chi if it misses. Usin ...
Power Pole Attack +
Chi performs a string of attacks with a staff. The light version starts with a horizontal swing. Har ...
[Skill Tree ] Tsuten Swirl +
Mini tornadoes, created by Banana Fan change into larger stationary whirlwinds.
[Skill Tree] Feng Shui +
Chi-Chi uses her fan to create a giant stationary tornado. The tornado can act as a barrier against ...
Super Moves
Super Power Slugger +
Chi-Chi throws a larger, stronger version of the Power Slugger.
[Skill Tree] Power Pole Tornado +
Mashing the attack buttons will extend the duration of the move. Alternating between light and hard ...

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