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Mortal Kombat X
Throw Moves
[Brawler] Air Power Slam / f (in air)(close)+
Cassie performs a power slam from the air.
Special Moves
Single Shot +
Glow Kick +
Getaway Flip +
[Brawler] Take Down / f +
Cassie tackles the opponent to the ground and then punches them.
[Brawler] Bow Breaker / f +
Cassie breaks her opponent's elbow, then flips them over her shoulder.
[Hollywood] Air Akimbo (in air)+
[Hollywood] Nut Kracker +
[Spec Ops] The American Way / f +
Cassie salutes. The end of the salute has virtually no range and only 2% damage.
[Spec Ops] Air Assault / f +
Trajectory can be modified by pressing Backward or Forward immediately after performing.
Super Moves
Testi-Kill / f +
Cassie swings a baton a couple of times, does a forward cartwheel, then blows a flame in the opponen ...
Fatal Moves
Bubble Head

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