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Throw Moves
The Flying Wisegirl (in air)+
While, Vice-Versa holds an airborne foe while Cerbella administers a beating with punches and kicks. ...
Cere-rana +
Cerebella tosses her opponent across the screen in a flipping motion.
Special Moves
Grab Bag (in air)++
Cerebella parachutes to the ground. Aerial opponents who comes in contact will get grabbed and beate ...
Tumbling Run +
Cerebella charges forward, and is able to absorb an attack while closing in.
Battle Butt
Vice-Versa grows a set of ram horns as Cerebella lunges with a headbutt.
Cerebella moves behind her opponent. Vice-Versa, with hands clasped, performs a anal jab with the in ...
Pummel Horse +
Vice-Versa holds down the opponent, while Cerebella pummels the opponent with her fists.
Run Stop
Cerebella halts her charge.
Diamond Deflector +
Cerebella and Vice-Versa point forward. Enemy projectiles will be reflected in the form of gems that ...
Excellebella ++
Airborne opponents are grabbed by legs and slapped silly.
Devil Horns +
Sign of the horns pose.
Cere-copter +
Cerebella leans forward as Vice-Versa spins.
Merry Go-Rilla ++
Vice-Versa reaches out its arm to grab an opponent. Using the opponent as an axle, Cerebella spins a ...
Diamond Drop ++
Cerebella uses Vice-Versa to toss her foe directly above her. As the opponent falls down, Vice-Versa ...
Lock n' Load +
Cerebella lunges forward as Vice-Versa cocks back it's arm and performs a straight punch.
Super Moves
Ultimate Showstopper ++
Opponent is slammed into several times before being tossed into the air. Cerebella performs a handst ...
Diamond Dynamo +
Cerebella casually skips forward while Vice-Versa swings its arms like a windmill.
[Level 3] Diamonds are Forever +
Vice-Versa lifts a rock from the ground and strikes at it, transforming it into a diamond. The diam ...

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