Goku / Son Gokū, 孫悟空, Gokou Movelist

Akira Toriyama

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DragonBall XenoVerse 2
Special Moves
Maximum Charge +3D
Goku powers up and regains ki.
Ki Blast Cannon +
Uses a shockwave of ki to force the opponent away.
Super Dragon Fist +
Brief combo ending with a downward punch that knocks downward.
Kamehameha +
Like there'd be a Goku without this.
Super Moves
Explosive Wave / Shōgekiha ++3D
A sphere of energy that knocks back and damages close opponents.
Super Spirit Bomb / Chō Genkidama ++
Giant ball of ki using energy gathered from all supporting forms of life and tossed at the foe.
Super Kamehameha / Chō Kamehameha ++
A larger and more powerful Kamehameha.

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