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Basic Moves
Freezing Cold (hold)
Hold @term=sbtn@ to fill up the meter. Upon filling, all of Killer Frost's basic and command attacks ...
Command Moves
Air Dash (in air)/
Killer Frost is capable of gliding through the sky.
Special Moves
Black Ice +
Because an ice user always needs a slide for some reason.
Frozen Daggers +
Two ice projectiles.
Frostbite +
Freezing counter against high attacks.
Iceberg +
Killer Frost sends the opponent upward slightly with a gust of air, then impales them with an icicle ...
Flash Freeze +
Running freezing grab
Super Moves
Endless Whiteout +
Killer Frost causes a multi-pronged ice stalagmite to rise out of the ground to impale the foe. She ...

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