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Basic Moves
Orbs of Seth
Adam summons three revolving electric orbs around him that damage the foe upon contact.
Special Moves
Black Magic +
Adam summons a cloud in the opponent's position, and two more cloud appear above them to strike with ...
Lightning Bomb +
Adam lobs a ball of lightning with an overhand arc that detonates after a few seconds. Using directi ...
Lightning Cage +
Adam strikes the ground and draws lightning up, juggling the foe if they're near.
Lightning Storm +
Adam zaps the foe with a short-range lightning bolt. The lightning only comes out if the opponent is ...
Lightning Strike +
Adam summons a cloud above him that strikes diagonally toward the opponent.
[Close] Boot Stomp (in air)+
A foot dive that goes either straight down or at an angle, depending on which version is used.
[Far] (in air)+
Super Moves
Teth-Adam +
Adam lunges forward with an electric punch, then uppercuts the foe, following up with a leaping knee ...

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