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Basic Moves
Beware Your Fears
Holding down the @term=sbtn@ charges Sinestro's Fear Meter. At full charge, a small orb construct fo ...
Special Moves
Axe of Terror (in air)+
Sort of a reverse projectile, Sinestro stays in place in the air while he summons an axe construct t ...
Final Shackles +
Sinestro temporarily binds his opponent with two shackle constructs around their body.
Impact Event +
Sinestro conjures a giant boulder construct from the sky to smash the foe with.
Fear Blast +
Quick projectile.
Arachnid Sting +
Sinestro conjures constructs shaped like four spider leg-like appendages and uppercuts the opponent ...
Super Moves
Sinestro's Might +
Sinestro hits the opponent with a large flat projectile, then grabs them with energy from his ring a ...

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