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Basic Moves
Cat Scratch
Each basic attack Catwoman hits with a basic attack, she has a chance to earn a "Scratch". Each hit ...
Special Moves
Cat Claws +
Three-hit claw auto-combo ending in a launch.
Cat Dash +
Catwoman dashes past her opponent and guts them with her claws. Causes crumple.
Up Whip +
Anti-air whip snap.
Feline Evade +
Catwoman leans back to dodge high attacks and projectiles. If @term=up@ is tapped at the end of the ...
Cat Stance +
Catwoman gets into a low crouch that can be followed up with additional attacks.
Up Whip
Anti-air whip snap.
Catwoman leaps onto the opponent and slashes them, then kicks them away.
Shortrange backward cartwheel.
Whip Sting / Straight Whip
Catwoman lashes her whip out for a strike.
Super Moves
Nine Lives +
Catwoman hits her foe with some dust, then proceeds to perform a step-ladder flip kick that knocks t ...

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