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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
Special Moves
Lasso Grip
Catwoman wraps her whip around the opponent's waist and flies forward for a double-footed kick.
Kitty Surprise
Catwoman wraps her whip around the opponent's ankles and drags them across the ground before stompin ...
Raging Cat
Catwoman leaps onto the opponent and scratches them three times with her claws.
Whip Sting / Straight Whip (air)
Catwoman lashes her whip out for a strike.
Nine Lives
Catwoman performs a backflip, avoiding projectiles.
Somersaulting Fever
Upward wheel kick, capable of hitting twice up close.
Fatal Moves
Whip It
Catwoman flicks her whip at the opponent's neck, sending them crashing to the ground with a tug. She ...
Cat Scratch Fever
Catwoman stabs the opponent in the eyes with her claws, raking them down their face, then impales th ...

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