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Signature Moves
Shortrange backward cartwheel.

Cat Scratch
Each basic attack Catwoman hits with a basic attack, she has a chance to earn a "Scratch". Each hit in a combo increases her possibility of earning one, and performing a successful Feline Evade earns her one automatically. Catwoman can earn up to a total of 5 Scratches. When Cat Scratch is used, she performs an auto-combo that does one hit for each Scratch earned.

Cat Stance
Catwoman gets into a low crouch that can be followed up with additional attacks.

Feline Evade
Catwoman leans back to dodge high attacks and projectiles. If @term=up@ is tapped at the end of the command sequence, she will instead hop slightly, dodging low attacks and projectiles.

Kitty Surprise
Catwoman wraps her whip around the opponent's ankles and drags them across the ground before stomping on their head.

Lasso Grip
Catwoman wraps her whip around the opponent's waist and flies forward for a double-footed kick.

Nine Lives
Catwoman hits her foe with some dust, then proceeds to perform a step-ladder flip kick that knocks the opponent in the air. She flings her whip to grab their neck with it, sending them crashing to the ground. She forces them up with her whip, leaping onto their shoulders for two claw swipes before throwing them with her legs.

Catwoman leaps onto the opponent and slashes them, then kicks them away.

Up Whip
Anti-air whip snap.

Whip Sting / Straight Whip
Catwoman lashes her whip out for a strike.

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