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Signature Moves
Energy Fastball
Casey throws the ball like a fastball pitch.

Goal Tending
Casey jumps in the air and flips upside down, creating a spinning vortex of energy balls before landing back on the ground.

Hat Trick
Casey spins his hockey stick behind him for a few seconds, then strikes forward. The spinning of the stick hits, but the strike does not. If a projectile is lobbed at Casey during this move, he will reflect it back toward them.

High Sticking
Casey lifts up his foe with the end of his hockey stick and slams them on the other side of him.

Kick 'N Stick
Casey performs a turning high kick, then swings back around and hits the enemy low with a low hockey stick swipe. If B is pressed instead of A, the move will be performed twice.

Penalty Box
Casey performs his throw attack four times in a row.

Roto Stick
Casey performs a flip with his hockey stick out.

Time Bomb
Casey kneels and plants an explosive on the ground. After a few seconds, it detonates. Up to two of these can be placed at any given time, and they are as dangerous to Casey as they are to the opponent.

Vertical Suplex
Casey grips his foe and props them up very briefly before falling backward and slamming them on the ground.

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