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Basic Moves
Repair Circuits (hold)
Cyborg can regain health for as long as the @term=sbtn@ is held.
Special Moves
Nova Blaster +(air)
Cyborg blasts from his arm cannon. Ground version is delayable, air version causes recoil.
Power Fist +
Uppercut with a large arm for increased range.
Up Sonic Disruptor +
Cyborg fires a sonic wave straight up. Delayable, and can be canceled into the standard Sonic Disrup ...
Techno Tackle +
Short-range unblockable tackle.
Target Acquired +
Cyborg aims at the ground with a laser sight, and fires off two arcing missiles. Can be delayed, and ...
Sonic Disruptor +
Cyborg fires a wave of sound. Can be delayed, and also can be canceled into Up Sonic Disruptor if @t ...
[Backward] Grapple
Cyborg uses a grapple line to move about the arena quickly.
Super Moves
Target Lock +
Cyborg punches his opponent with a giant arm, and then blasts them with a giant arm cannon.

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