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Basic Moves
Style Change
Nightwing switches between his Escrima Sticks and Staff, or vice versa. Escrima is much faster but h ...
Special Moves
[Escrima] WingDing (in air)+
Nightwing flings three shuriken downward at an angle.
[Escrima] Scatter Bomb +
Shortrange anti-air projectile
[Escrima] Ground Spark +
Nightwing clashes his escrima sticks together and fires a spark along the ground.
[Escrima] Flip Kick +
Nightwing leaps high up to the top of the screen and comes back down with a heel drop.
[Escrima] Escrima Fury +
A short, sweet escrima auto-combo, provided the first hit connects.
[Staff] Flying Grayson +
Pole vault kick
[Staff] Ground Blast +
Nightwing strikes the ground with his staff and damages the foe no matter where they stand. Must be ...
[Staff] Staff Spin +
Nightwing twirls his staff for multiple hits.
Super Moves
Dark As Knight +
Nightwing clashes his Escrima Sticks together to make a spark, then leaps on his motorcycle, passing ...

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