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Basic Moves
Harley pulls out a random object, each one having a different effect: Mr. J: A picture of Jo ...
Special Moves
Oopsy Daisy (in air)+
Harley fires down at an angle whilst in the air, which also gives her a tiny bit of hangtime.
Cupcake Bomb +
Explosive projectile thrown in an arc.
Silly Slide +
Quick forward movement. Can be canceled with the Tantrum Stance.
Heads Up +
Quick anti-air gunshot.
Pop Pop +
Harley cowers while she fires a blast from an innocent-looking corkgun. Charging the move can make i ...
Tantrum Stance +
A low drop kick that leaves Harley lying on the ground kicking her legs whimsically. Follow-ups poss ...
Somersault /
A short ground roll.
Bullet Frenzy
Harley fires up at the opponent, and if that first shot hits, she proceeds to fire several more time ...
Hand Stand
Harley flips up in a handstand and then attacks with a short slide.
Forward Cartwheel
Harley flips forward for a standard cartwheel attack.
Play Doctor +
Harley injects the opponent with a syringe.
Line of Fire +
Quick gunshot
Super Moves
Mallet Bomb +
Harley swings her hammer around and flings it. If the opponent is hit by the swing and/or throw, she ...

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