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Signature Moves
Captain Collider / Captain Corridor
Cap strikes the ground and a huge column of lightning extends to the roof of the stage.

Captain Fire
A beam-like burst of fire from Cap's gauntlet.

Captain Kick
A leaping, flaming kick.

Captain Storm
An autocombo involving the entire Commando team taking turns.

Captain Sword
The entire Commando team comes onscreen and together swing a massive beam downwards, sword-like.

Commando Strike: Ginzu
Cap summons Ginzu (Sho) the Ninja Commando, who drops out of the air with a sword slash.

Commando Strike: Hoover
Cap summons Baby Head (Hoover) the Baby Commando, who launches a missile from his armored suit.

Commando Strike: Mack
Cap summons Mack the Knife (Jennety) the Mummy Commando. He spins across the sky in a downwards arc.

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