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Goiken Muyou Series

a.k.a. Honey (Japan)
Storm (Marvel vs Capcom 3) says...
Will you never learn, Erik?
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Fighting Vipers
Throw Moves
Back Suplex (back)+
Grabs the opponent from behind and executes a suplex.
Candy Aerial (in air)+++
While both fighters in mid-air, Candy grabs the opponent and makes him land with his back.
Face Crusher ++
Looks like she's going to jump the opponent as a pommel horse, but actually she's just going to use ...
Basic Moves
Leg Beat +
Combo composed of two low kicks plus a medium kick.
Candy Triple +
Combo of 3 hits, last one being an uppercut which sends the opponent up in the air.
Combo Cat Kick
Combo of 4 hits, ends with a kick which sends the opponent up in the air.

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