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Signature Moves
Collarbone Breaker
Pretty much Ryu's Sakotsu Wari to the patellas.

Everyone's favorite projectile. Shakunetsu version upon EX.

Joudan Sokutou Geri
Toro mimics Ryu's mule kick.

Kuro is so mean >.<
Kuro appears and dropkicks Toro, sending him flying into opponents.

Low Slapstick Swing
Toro spins and beats about the opponent's legs with a paper fan. Both characters fall down.

Shinkuu Hadoken
Big ol' Hadoken.

Toro's version of the popular rising dragon fist. EX version is a mini-Shin Shoryuken.

Slapstick Swing
Toro strikes the opponent in the knees with a paper fan, then leaps up and hits them in the face.

Solar Plexus Strike
Just like Ryu's Hatobi Kudaki, only it's more likely to hit in the knees.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Toro's hurricane kick. Takes on Shinkuu properties when EX'd.

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