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Street Fighter X Tekken
Throw Moves
Psychokinesis (close)+
Cole levitates his opponent with electricity, then blows them away with an electric blast.
Amp Throw (close)++
Cole jams his amp into the opponent's gut and flips them overhead.
Command Moves
Slide +
Sliding Combo
Ends his slide with a swing of the amp.
Roll Attack +
Vertical spin attack with the amp.
Special Moves
Lightning Hook +
Cole fires a beam of electricity diagonally upward; hitting an opponent with the move grabs them wit ...
Thunder Drop +
Cole leaps up and comes back down to strike with electricity.
Shock Wave +
Becomes Ionic Vortex upon full charge.
Shock Grenade +
Cole tosses a bouncing spark that detonates on impact with an opponent, or after a short time. EX ve ...
Amp Combo +,,
Cole beats the opponent with his amp; can be followed up with two more hits.
Ionic Vortex +
Cole sends his foe spinning and shocking through the air with a giant electric tornado.

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