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Signature Moves
Amp Throw
Cole jams his amp into the opponent's gut and flips them overhead.

Ionic Vortex
Cole sends his foe spinning and shocking through the air with a giant electric tornado.

Lightning Bolts
Cole flings bolts of electricity. If Cole gets five hits in a row (either by holding the button or mashing), he gains a large amount of Super Meter and the opponent is launched slightly upward.

Cole levitates his opponent with electricity, then blows them away with an electric blast.

Roll Attack
Vertical spin attack with the amp.

Shock Grenade
Cole tosses a bouncing spark that detonates on impact with an opponent, or after a short time. EX version tosses two.

Shock Wave
Electric shield; nullifies projectiles and damages upon physical contact.

Sliding Combo
Ends his slide with a swing of the amp.

Thunder Drop
Cole leaps up and comes back down to strike with electricity.

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