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a.k.a. Koopa
Goku (DragonBall Z: Budokai) says...
Let's get on with it!
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Signature Moves
Bowser Bomb
Leap up and plunge onto enemies rapidly with considerable force.

Fire Breath
The fire flows while you hold @term=bbtn@, but it weakens over time.

Flying Slam
Bowser grabs his opponent, leaps into the air with a somersault, and slams the opponent hard on the ground.

Giga Bowser Transformation
Bowser transforms into Giga Bowser, the monstrous form he used as the final boss in the previous game. In this mode, Bowser is more powerful, three times as big, and invincible. This transformation wears off after a short while.

Koopa Klaw
Grab and bite close enemies or slash those who are farther away.

Whirling Fortress
Spin on the ground to launch opponents skyward, or do it to get back to the stage.

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