Vega (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
Fighting ugly opponents depresses me to no end.
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Signature Moves
Belly Bash
Bo' Rai Cho dashes and strikes the enemy with his gut.

Deadly Flop
Bo' Rai Cho performs a few shiko (sumo stomps) to back up a bit, then rushes forward and squashes the opponent with a massive double belly flop.

Bo' Rai Cho stomps the ground, stunning foes if they are on the ground.

Bo' Rai Cho strikes a torch on the ground and puts it near his ass, ripping a massively long fart that turns fans the flames toward the opponent (and turning the fire green). The opponent dies of immolation.

Bo' Rai Cho brandishes a torch and a jug of alcohol. He strikes the torch on the ground, takes a swig from the jug, then spits the alcohol over the torch, spreading the fire over the foe. The foe burns until they collapse into a heap of broken body parts.

Monkey Flips / Flip Flop
Bo' Rai Cho performs a series of front-flips.

Puke Puddle
Bo' Rai Cho vomits on the ground. If the opponent steps on the vomit, they stumble and try to right their footing, allowing Sub-Zero time to attack.

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