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Marvel vs Capcom 3
Throw Moves
Judo Throw / Tomoe Nage +(close)
Taskmaster grips his opponent and falls backwards, kicking them away. Then, as they hit the ground, ...
Shoulder Throw +(close)
Taskmaster flips his opponent over the shoulder and to the ground, then shoots them with a pistol.
Basic Moves
Shield Uppercut
Taskmaster uppercuts the foe with his shield, à la Captain America's "Stars & Stripes".
Command Moves
Shield Charge +
Taskmaster puts up his shield and charges toward the foe, à la Captain America's Charging Star.
Spidey Swing +(air)
Taskmaster emulates Spider-Man's Web Swing, swinging toward the foe to deliver a kick, only using a ...
Special Moves
Sword Master
Taskmaster performs a hopping crescent arc swing of his sword. Can be followed up with other moves w ...
Head Butt
Only if the Sword Master is blocked.
Guard Master
Taskmaster puts his shield up and hides behind it. If the opponent strikes his shield, he sticks the ...
Aim Master (air)
Whipping out a bow, Taskmaster fires an arrow. Charging the attack button can yield in up to three a ...
Super Moves
Aegis Counter
Taskmaster puts up his shield and hides behind it. If the opponent hits his shield, he proceeds into ...
Legion Arrow (air)
Taskmaster fires many arrows at his foe.

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