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Basic Moves
Back Spin Kick
Spins and kicks forward, directing backwards.
Rave Kick Combo
Executes an axe kick, then two punches finishing with what looks like an upper roundhouse kick.
Vertical Jump Kick
Jumps and kicks up.
String Move
Axle Spin Kick (ss)
Throws a hook punch, then a launching high kick.
Hatchet Kick
Does an axe kick, then a low sweep.
Karate Kick Combo
Executes a swinging knifehand strike, a roundhouse kick, then crouch-dashes for a standing sweep kic ...
Karate Chop Combo
Executes a swinging knifehand chop, a roundhouse kick, ending with a knockback punch.
Stream Axle
Does two low kicks, then a punch.
Slash Chop
Executes triple knifehand strikes, then a downward knifehand strike.
Lightning Smash
Executes two punches, then a jumping roundhouse.
Basic Arts Combo
Throws three punches following with a low kick and an overhead kick.
Special Moves
White Tiger
Executes a straight-arm uppercut.
Power Straight Punch
Goes into Kiba-Dachi, then punches opponent.

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