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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Command Moves
Falling Cutter (in air)+
Yamato drops straight down from the air and slashes with two kunai.
Wood Pillar Climb +
Yamato punches the ground, causing a hooked length of wood to grow out of the ground.
Wood Clone: Kick +
A clone of Yamato rushes forward and kicks, then briefly turns into a wooden dummy before disappeari ...
[Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode] Wooden Needle Pillar (in air)+
A pile of wooden beams sprouts from the ground.
[Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode] Three Giant Pillars +
Three gigantic wooden pillars erupt in front of Yamato.
[Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode] Wood Clone: Entangle Kick +
A large horizontal beam strikes across the arena, and Yamato's clone slides across the beam and leap ...
String Move
Side Thrust Fist (in air)
Air combo ending with a straight wooden beam thrust.
Wood Stabbing Palm ,+
Combo ending in a leaping wooden beam strike.
Wood Pillar Sky Kick
Punch/kick combo ending with a sailing upward diagonal kick off of a wooden beam vault.
Wood Pillar Spin Kick +,
Yamato kicks his foe into the air whilst a long wooden spike grows out of the ground. He then swings ...
[Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode] Four-Pillars Prison Jutsu ,,,+
Combo ending with a wooden cage trapping the opponent briefly to ready them for a final punch.
[Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode] Repeating Wooden Pillars
Combo ending with three massive wooden beams plowing into the enemy.
[Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode] Climbing Pillar +,,
Wood Pillar Spin Kick with followed by a strike to the ground that creates massive wooden beams all ...
Special Moves
Wood Style Hidden Jutsu Mode
Changes most of Yamato's attacks.
Super Moves
Water Style: Ripping Torrent ,
Yamato charges up a ball of water, then thrusts forward and attacks with a horizontal spiral of wate ...
Wood Style: Wooden Hammer ,
Many wooden beams sprout from the ground. If performed from afar, they fire off in an arc toward the ...
Wood Style: Cypress Nail ,,
Yamato jams several wooden beams into the opponent, pinning them to a boulder. He then swings a mass ...

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