Marvel vs Capcom Character Movelist


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Marvel vs Capcom 3
Command Moves
Wall Jump (in air)(wall)
X-23 rebounds off the wall
Talon Dive (in air)+
While airborne, X-23 dives straight down with her claws extended.
Special Moves
Talon Attack (in air)+
Decapitating Slice +
Hold H to charge
Neck Slice +
Hold L to charge
Ankle Slice +
Hold M to charge
Super Moves
Weapon X Prime +
X-23 rushes in starts off with a series of slashes. She then finishes off with a two diving attacks, ...
Rage Trigger +
X-23 somersaults forward with all claws extended.
[Level 3] Silent Kill +
Press S button at close range to perform an unblockable attack.

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