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Signature Moves
Berserker Barrage
A multihit claw rush

Berserker Barrage X
Wolverine rushes at his foe and rapidly claws at them whilst moving.

Berserker Slash
Wolverine sprints forward and performs a big crossing slash.

Drill Claw
Wolverine spins with his body outstretched and his claws pointed in the direction he is headed. This attack can be directed with the joystick.

Fatal Claw
Wolverine poses and cross shaped energy pulses out of him.

Frenzied Slashes
A frenzy of slashes while jumping.

Savage Leap
A forward leap, that can chain into other attacks.

Slashing Frenzy
A series of slashes with his claws, ending in an upwards slash launcher.

Tornado Claw
Wolverine leaps into the air with a vertical spinning claw strike. Extra hits can be tacked on by mashing Punch.

Weapon X

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