Sakura Kasugano (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
Phew! That was a close one! Wanna go again?
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Signature Moves
Flight / Flying, Hikou
War Machine uses boot thrusters to gain eight-way air movement.

War Machine follows up his first jab with a snap jab from the opposite fist.

Kuuchuu Dash / Air Dash
War Machine uses his thrusters to propel through the air in any direction.

Proton Cannon
War Machine summons a gigantic cannon and blasts the opponent with it. Hyper WM and MvC2 WM fires off rockets instead.

Repulsor Blast
War Machine creates a glowing sphere between his hands, over his head, that lashes out with ensnaring strikes.

Rocket Knee Press
War Machine uses his rocket boots to quickly descend on the foe and apply knees to their face.

Shoulder Cannon
A cannon appears on War Machine's shoulder and fires off a laser. Hyper Armor WM fires a missile instead, as does WM in MvC2. If @term=anykick@ is used, he will crouch before firing.

Smart Bomb
War Machine fires two chains of explosives from his shoulders. The arc can be directed with @term=backward@ or @term=forward@

Tactical Launch
War Machine ducks and fires out a rocket from a shoulder cannon. Hyper Armor WM and MVC2 WM instead shoot a laser.

War Destroyer
War Machine straps on a harness and fires missiles straight up in the air, which come back down in the opponent's general vicinity.

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